Backpack Popularity and Types

Backpacks are all the rave now. Their rise in popularity gives rise to more popularity and on and on the circle goes. But the true reason why Backpacks are popular and continue to be popular is that people need a something to carry their stuff in, It’s as simple as that. The increase in popularity has caused more options to be available. Backpacks now come in different styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and customizations. The retail store ASOS carries up to 400 different styles of Backpacks alone. Online retailers like Amazon, Alibaba or Ebay have a plethora of options of Backpacks available for sale. The value of sales grows exponentially each year. According to Yahoo finance, in 2016, the sale of Backpacks increased by a record $1.6 billion racking it up to be a 12 billion dollar market.  Sales of Backpacks for use by adults ranging from ages 18 and up grew even more 16% and it was adult purchases that accounted for 69% of the overall market.


The Backpack is inherently more practical and its rise can be compared to the rise of other products like athleisure wear or fancy eyewear. As this industry and product category continues to grow, more options, variations, and customizations will continue to pop up. How can we keep up? Below are some types of Backpacks and their uses.


  1. Backpack Diaper Bag

Yes, you can now buy a diaper bag that’s built as a Backpack or a Backpack that’s built as a diaper bag. Whichever works for you. Hipster parents everywhere are screaming with excitement. In hindsight really it’s actually a no brainer. The young parent demographic needs any item that will give the most convenient. Imagine ruining a perfect skinny jean and plaid shirt hipster outfit with an awfully colored granny looking diaper bag. Well, Fawn Design is here to the rescue.Their Backpack diaper bag is made with faux leather that is easy to clean and looks really good. Their minimalistic design aesthetic makes these diaper Backpacks easy to match with any outfit. They come in various neutral colors in warm and cool hues for the perfect vibe.


  1. Hiking Backpacks

Hiking has become a vital part of our everyday lives. As hiking continues to increase in popularity so has the demand for hiking Backpacks. A hiking Backpack is needed to carry water food, extra clothes, rain jackets, etc on a trail. For a full day hike this is necessary and for hikes that stretch through days, more thinking is put into getting a proper Backpack. An ideal hiking Backpack should have a capacity of 20-30 liters, a padded shoulder strap, a padded waist belt, a water reservoir pocket, a ventilated back panel and a trekking pole holder.


  1. Work Backpacks

If I had to guess, this would be my pick as the most popular and often sort after type of Backpack. More and more working class men and women abandon the traditional briefcase or handbag for the Backpack. It offers comfort, easy to carry around is trendy and fits in perfectly with the business casual work aesthetic of this generation. The ideal work Backpack should have a laptop sleeve, a water bottle holder, internal pockets for organization and pen holders, easily accessible zip pockets and it should be decent looking.


  1. Climbing Backpacks

This type of backpack caters to a smaller niche but is just as important. The last thing anyone wants to worried about when they are hundreds of feet in the air is whether or not their backpack will cause them to plunge to their death. It is very important to have the right gear when doing extreme sports like climbing. A climbing backpack should be close fitting (this is very important) and it should be able to hold ropes, helmets, spare shoes and other necessities. It should also be 30-40 liters in size, have external gear loops, and ice ax loop, large access to the main compartment, compression straps and it should not be too heavy.


  1. Cycling Backpacks

This is another type of backpack that caters to a niche. The size and capacity depend on personal preferences and cycling time goals. If you intend to cycle all day on a trailer, you need a backpack that can carry tools, repair gear, extra layers, food and lots of water. An ideal Cycling Backpack should also be well ventilated, rest comfortably on the back and not easily susceptible to movements. In addition, it should have a helmet holder, tool pockets, and light attachment loops.


  1. Snowsport Backpack

Snowsports are always fun. Skiing and Snowboarding require specific equipment and that includes an appropriate backpack. It should have the capacity to carry a ski board or snowboard, have minimal movement and fit snuggly.


So there you go, different Backpack types and their uses. Hopefully you can find one that fits your specific need and keep the basics in mind when next you go shopping.